ClickTrades – Upper-Class Trading Features& Bonuses for the Modern Trader

ClickTrades lovescreating a comfortable trading environment! A good welcome is always appreciated by any trader, so they’ve doubled up on the bonuses this time!

Feeling curious? Joining ClickTrades allows investors to trade CFDs on some of the most iconic asset classes in the financial world, such as Shares, Indices, Forex and many others that benefit from special trading conditions.

Read on to find out more details about the groundbreaking platform technology and the free features you’ll be able to use!

Global Exposure for Popular Asset Classes

Select your favorite assets and expand your trading portfolio with picks from more than 2.100 CFD instrumentsthat reunite the popular asset classes: Forex, Indices, Shares, Cryptocurrencies, ETFs, Bonds and Commodities!

Some of their best trading conditions let traders experience:

  1. Low Spreads on CFDs for More than 55 Forex Currency Pairs with up to 1:300 Leverage
  2. Trade CFDs on Shares from Google, Amazon, Tesla and Apple and 20 other major markets
  3. Advantageous leverage levels for CFDs on 26 Global Indices, up to 1:200

These instruments can be traded during certain market hours, on a 24/5 basis – from Sunday, 21:00 GMT (Asian Markets opening) to Friday, 21:00 GMT (U.S. Markets closing).

So much versatility calls for a state-of-the-art platform that offers freedom of movement and customization options! These advantages are provided through features that have been constantly improved with the goal of satisfying any trading requirement an investor might have nowadays.

WebTrader – Freedom of Trading Your Own Strategies

Tired of difficult platforms that won’t let you understand what’s happening?
Try WebTrader – fully web-based, you’ll only need to remember your username and password to access it from your desktop or your mobile devices.

The benefits? An interactive trading session that lets you control every decision you make, what elements you use, all while adding value to your thought processes by training your intuition.

Load yourselfwith useful information and practical decisions through the platform’s 4 main features:

  • Negative Balance Protection – An extensive feature that ensures you’ll never lose more funds than you have initially deposited into your account.
  • Trading Central – An industry-leading provider of market data analysis, fundamental and technical analysis that will offer pioneering details and extended asset coverage, so you’ll never miss any financial element.
  • Intuitive Interface – Comprehend how the tools work, train your intuition and integrate the charts you prefer into your own strategies, alongside built-in indicators and alerts that favor analysis.
  1. Risk Management Tools – Worried that you won’t be able to monitor your trades during the market hours? Secure your funds in case the trend goes against you, with a pre-set level at which the system automatically closes your position with Stop Loss. Lock in your profits with another pre-set level at which the system closes your trade with Take Profit.

Gain control of your trading positions and manage your resources more effectively by combining and correlating the trading tools and elements that the platform offers! Any trader, regardless of experience, will surely enjoy the versatility and freedom that the system offers through all the integrated features.

Fund Your Account Through Popular & Secure Methods

Wondering how you can fund your account?  ClickTrades is building a global community, so they’ve adapted to the needs of traders around the world. For any transactional operations, investors can use the following methods:

  1. Well-known credit cards – VISA, MasterCard, Maestro
  2. Popular intermediary choices such as PayPal, allowing the linking of your credit card.
  3. Skrill; Neteller; Trustly – Use your own e-wallet and credit card through e-payment solutions, giving you the option to directly deposit and withdraw from your account.Open an account with ClickTrades by simply depositing the minimum amount of $100 and you’re a step closer to your trading session. Gain access to daily market news, multilingual customer support, and many more features to complete your experience!

Customer Support – At A Click’s Distance In need of guidance or extra facts? Contact the customer support teams through the Live Chat option directly on the website, e-mail or international phone number!

Their goal is educating every investor that joins the community by providing all the information and trading tools one might need to progress in the financial industry. Enjoy multilingual assistance and learn how to make informed decisions on your own, based on factual information and detailed trading concepts explained to you by trained individuals.

Trade Better – Reasons to Choose ClickTrades

You’re actually experienced but never traded with them before?
That’s even better, asspecial promotional campaigns are created to support old & new traders alike!

More is better, and they’re giving you a head start! Use your first deposit bonus and get accustomed to the features without worrying, as you’ll now have extra funds to trade with before actually operating with your own funds!

The bonus campaigns will vary from time to time, and require an acceptance of the terms and conditions before participating.

You’re just a click away from a brand-new opportunity to start an efficient trading journey. Guidance, the latest platform built on modern technology and high leverage levels are the boldest conditions that characterize ClickTrades. Step in and start enjoying every feature that other investors are already experiencing!


Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss.